I. Commitment to Client Group 1.7

I. Commitment to Client Group 1.7


Our small library had become a place where people came to pick up holds or maybe to use the computer, but it wasn’t really a place that families with children would come to just spend some time looking at books and hanging out in the library.  To remedy this, I proposed that we use some of our Ready to Read funds to purchase some toys and puzzles and create a stay and play area.  The project has been a huge success! Families now come and spend much more time at the library.  The children have time to spend playing with high quality, educational toys.  Often, they engage with their parents or their peers, including retelling favorite stories with our felt board, having conversations with our stuffed animals, and creating whole worlds with the blocks. I feel that it has improved our service by making the library a welcoming place for all families.


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